RACF Security Engineer - Atlanta

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Position Title: RACF Security Engineer
Company: Confidential
Country: USA
State/City: Atlanta
Publication Date: 19/06/2017
ID: 104481076

5 plus years of IT security experience required
5 plus years of experience with IBM RACF
Experience with account management systems including custom built software
Experience with scripting technologies such as PowerShell, PERL, unix and other languages
Ability to problem solve and manage business needs/IT changes in a rapidly changing complex technical environment
Experience with the ITIL ITSM framework
Beneficial to have Active Directory experience
Beneficial to have LDAP knowledge (queries, filters, etc.)
Beneficial to have 5 plus years of experience with CA TopSecret
The Security Engineer will be responsible for technical and operational solutions for Identity and Access Management focused on the RACF security applications and the entire lifecycle of an identity from creation, provisioning, attestation, disabling access and identity deletion.
Performs engineering, issue and problem resolution within the Identity and Access Management discipline focused on mainframe security systems.
Provide technical expertise and advice on areas of security technology, including: platform security, authentication systems, application security, security architecture and security frameworks.
Assist in clean-up, automation, and procedures for RACF security systems.
Develop technical documentation to support the evaluation, selection, installation, and maintenance of security technology systems.


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RACF Security Engineer
State/City: Atlanta