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- Relevant Bachelor Degree and other relevant professional Trust related qualifications.

- At least 6 years of experience working with trust/ estate law, ideally with a business in a similar industry.

- Good understanding of key financial services and industry related legislation. Familiar with international requirements - E. G. CRS, FATCA, BEPS, GAAR, ESR, that affects the Trustee and the use of trusts by clients in target markets

Actividades a realizar:

Manage a trust portfolio in line with international trust concepts and ensuring trusts and entities are compliant with all relevant regulations; while being ultimately responsible for all legal, regulatory and administrative trust matters for the portfolio under management. Responsible for communicating with clients and relevant authorities to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation
Duties and Responsibilities:

- Manage a portfolio of Trusts and Corporate entities. Produce all necessary legal documents required for managing day to day matters of Trusts and Corporate entities (e. G. Letters, trustee resolutions, deeds of amendments, etc. ). Be responsible for managing the relationship, legal, administrative and banking matters of a portfolio of trusts and companies in accordance with applicable legislation and internal procedures.

- Ultimately responsible for the quality of the client files. Responsible for all legal, regulatory and trust matters for portfolio under management. (i. E. Review trust related documents and ensure that subsequent to the establishment of a trust, all required documents and agreements are prepared and proper physical and electronic files are completed).

Salary base and benefits

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: USD 10,000.00 - 10,000.00 Monthly
Positions available: 1

Minimal experience: Unspecified
Languages: English Advanced
Minimum required education: Bachelor's degree
Gender: Indistinct

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