AI/ML Developer - Philadelphia

Company: Sysmind LLC
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Location: Philadelphia, USA

Job Description:

Excellent analytics, logical, problem solving and numerical skills. Hands-on experience in using Python libraries like pandas, numpy, scipy, scikitlearn, matplotlib, keras, tensorflow etc. Experience in working with large structured and unstructured documents. Experience in extraction of data from document using NLTK library. Keen aptitude for large-scale data analysis with a passion for identifying key insights from data. Expert working knowledge in various machine learning algorithms such XGBoost, SVM Etc. Expertise in Math/ Statistics, Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling (Regression, Neural Networks etc) would be highly valuable. Preferable to have experience
on cloud premises. Hands-on experience in using Python working AWS cloud environment. Hands on experience of building custom code using AWS Services such AWS, Textxtract, AWS Comprehend etc. Hands on experience of building lambda functions using Boto3 and configuring it with AWS Step functions. Develop custom modules for AWS APls or any other cloud-based services.
Employment type: C2C - Company

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: 8 years

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