BI Engineer - Austin

Company: Enterprise Solutions Inc
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Location: Austin, USA

Role: BI Engineer
Location: Austin, TX
Full-Time (Permanent)

Job Details:

Primary & strong SQL background
- 7+ years of experience writing, maintaining, and troubleshooting business-critical queries
- Deep understanding of mechanisms behind correlated subqueries, indexes, analytical functions, table-valued functions, and non-traditional joins
- Experience working with hierarchical data
- Should have the ability to come up with cost effective and optimized SQL and understand the query execution plan
- Experience creating and guiding data analysis and visualization while communicating business value
Interpersonal Skills:
- Self-lead problem-solver; seeks to identify and face problems, dig in, get answers, and share information
- High expectations of fit, finish, polish, accuracy, testing, QA, and attention to detail
- Experience working in a structured SDLC environment (Scrum, Agile, Kanban, etc.)

Experience in a high-volume reporting environment - intaking, scoping, taking bugs to completion
- Strong understanding of the importance of metadata management, documentation, data dictionaries, code comments
- Excellent verbal and written communication with technical & non-technical business partners and stakeholders
- Confidence to take calculated risks in ambiguous situations
Nice to have
- Deep sales operations/software sales/recurring revenue reporting subject-matter expertise
- Deep financial reporting experience for a software company
- Expert-level data visualization in Data Studio, Looker, etc.
- Strong statistical/quantitative experience developing and defending forecasting models in Python/R
- Knowledge of creating and/or maintaining ETL jobs

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: No experience

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