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Business Analyst

Concept Reply is looking for a Business Analyst to join our Connected Vehicle Team. The Connected Vehicle Team is revolutionizing the vehicle ownership experience through the invention of software products delivered to customers through a variety of digital touchpoints including mobile apps, websites, and in-vehicle infotainment systems. In this role, your product is the mobile app platform. Position is located at our office in Auburn Hills, MI.


3+ years' experience with mobile app product management and/or requirements development.Proven experience as Product Manager or Product Owner in a cross-functional team, dedicated to the complete product development lifecycle of successfully launched mobile app used globally (multilingual and localized).Experience providing oversight of a large product, program, or simultaneously coordinating multiple smaller initiatives and teams.Experience capturing and managing software requirements as User Stories.Experience facilitating backlog refinement sessionsExperience testing or verifying software meets acceptance criteria.The desire to be part of, and contribute to, a team.Ability to set and manage priorities judiciously.Proven ability to work in a cross-functional team with designers, coders, integrators and business teams.Strong relationship building skills including the ability to relate constructively to all levels of an organization.Strong listening, written, and oral communication skills.Ability to articulate ideas to both technical and non-technical addressees.Ambition and the ability to be self-directed.Experience using Atlassian Jira Agile ( ).Experience using Aha! ( ).Experience developing a product roadmap.Experience creating user experience (UX/UI) artifacts such as journey maps and wireframes.Experience modeling business or software processes using BPMN constructs.Experience creating release notes, user documentation, and/or training materials.Experience writing a requirements specification or statement of work.Awareness of mobile device capabilities and constructs (GPS, haptics, gestures, etc.) and the ability to recognize how they might help meet a need.Awareness of technology mediums (Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, iOS and Android SDKs).Awareness of user interface design guidelines (Apple HIG and Google Material Design).Scrum master experienceScrum master certification preferred


Following an iterative design and development process, drive the execution, delivery, and outcome of the product throughout the entire product lifecycle.Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to recognize an opportunity and develop the vision, strategy, and requirements for a solution that meets the need.Generate and manage the list of work to be completed by the development team. This involves writing product backlog items along with acceptance criteria, and ordering them to achieve the product vision.Participate in events including planning, refinement, review, retrospective, and daily standups.During planning activities, work with stakeholders to determine the content and steps required to deliver the next iteration at a sprint, release or product level.Within refinement sessions, work with the development team to define, elaborate, and estimate product backlog items.Facilitate reviews to ensure the product increment is examined in the optimum way to elicit feedback and determine the route forward for development.During retrospectives, collaborate as part of the team in determining and selecting improvement actions.During the sprint, work
in the team, including answering questions and accepting product backlog items as they are completed.Attend daily gatherings to coordinate and collaborate with the development team on development work being performed within the iteration.Monitor and communicate market impact and determine next steps.Create and maintain communications regarding vision and progress like a product roadmap and release plan.Create contractual project related documentation like a requirements specification or statement of work.Take lead on issue resolution for systems in operation. design, develop, and manage a platform that scales and accommodates new features and feature evolution overtime.Work with internal stakeholders building a mobile app experience that meets the needs of their customers as they and others to bring it to life across many customers

Reply offers:

Market competitive compensation (base salary and bonus). Health & Dental Insurance. Vision, Disability and Life Insurance (100% company paid). 401(k) company match Paid Time Off Vacation and Sick time. Company Paid holidays. Opportunities for training and certification in a skill area. Appropriate mentoring and training, to be successful in their position. Opportunities to learn and grow in a global environment Flexible schedule

About Reply

Reply US is part of Reply Group, a leading consulting company, specializing in innovative solutions based on new cutting-edge technologies. With more than 9000 employees globally, Reply is a center of excellence in a variety of technologies and practices. Reply provides to leading industrial groups, both in Europe and North America, with effective support in terms of the definition and development of business models enabled by the new technology and communication-based paradigms, such as Social Networking, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things, to optimize and integrate processes, applications and devices.

About Concept Reply

Concept Reply is part of Reply Group. Our IoT team is developing the next generation of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) solutions from the ground up. We work on the most innovative technology connecting everyday vehicles and supercars to the infrastructure paving the way to Lev 5 autonomous drive. We have a chance to work on something that will impact society in many ways. The challenge will extend to commercial vehicles and trucks that are an incredible concentrate of technical solutions for logistic and maintenance. The new frontiers of Precision Agriculture is another critical development area increasing the farm's economic and environmental sustainability. These fascinating machines will be manufactured in the factories of the 4th industrial revolution where new sensors generate valuable data to increase equipment's effectiveness, Edge Computing brings the machine learning algorithms close to the shopfloor and Artificial Intelligence enables predictive Maintenance

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Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: No experience

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