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About cloudsquare: founded in 2018, cloudsquare is an up-and-coming salesforce si and isv partner. We help small and mid-size businesses in the finserv and healthcare sectors leverage the salesforce platform to its full potential. We partner with companies that are looking for custom tailored salesforce solutions. Additionally, we provide a suite of salesforce products that we sell via salesforce appexchange. Even though we emphasize the importance of investing in each individual, cloudsquare has a strong team mentality. We tackle projects as a team and make sure to learn from one another. Working at cloudsquare gives you the opportunity to have a voice, and make a tangible difference in a new company with a bright future and grand aspirations. We're a fun loving, occasionally quirky, and diverse group of salesforce geeks with a unified goal: inspire organizations to leverage technology. Think you'd be a fit? we'd love to hear from you.  apply below!.




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California, USA.