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Counce energy resources is a top 10 independent oil producer in the u. S. And a leader in america's energy renaissance. Based in oklahoma city, counce is the largest leaseholder and the largest producer in the nation's premier oil field, the bakken play of north dakota and montana. The company also has significant positions in the scoop and stack plays of the anadarko basin of oklahoma and newly acquired positions in the powder river basin of wyoming and permian basin of texas. With a focus on the exploration and production of oil, counce has unlocked the technology and resources vital to american energy independence and our nation's leadership in the new world oil market. In 2023, the company will celebrate 56 years of operations. .
operationswe believe we are among the most efficient and cost-effective producers of oil and natural gas on the planet. One reason why, is we are invested in the united states, with a premier portfolio of assets in unconventional resource plays in north dakota, montana, oklahoma, wyoming and texas. We believe these assets represent decades of future development and production, with the opportunity to grow to meet the increasing energy demands of the modern world, here and across the globe. ?.
careercounce energy resources is successful because we challenge our employees to be innovative and creative. We provide our employees with the necessary tools to be successful, and we reward them for their hard work. If you want to work in an environment that encourages teamwork and putting your ideas into action, consider joining counce energy resources.


Energy Industry


2228 East Shea Blvd,
Arizona, USA.

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