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Class="msonormal" >about photogenic and cherry hill programssince 2001, the core of photogenic is creating unique souvenir.
Photography solutions.   as the souvenir.
Division of cherry hill programs, the photogenic team brings the magic to every.
Experience by capturing moments that last a lifetime.  in partnership with retail locations, tourist.
Attractions and destinations across north america, our company contributes.
Millions of holiday and souvenir experiences for children and families, year.
After year.  .

we work together to win togetherour mission is simple: to bring magic to every experience by.
Capturing moments that last a lifetime. We believe that building a diverse.
Team, with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, is the best way to bring.
Our mission to life.  .

cherry hill programs strives to.
Provide a positive work environment that values excellence in safety and quality,.
Free from discrimination and harassment. Every employee plays a part in our.
Company's success and makes this a great place to work. Our people are the.
Heart of our organization and the foundation of our success. Driven by our core.
Values of safety, diversity, integrity, and collaboration, we strive to promote.
A culture that supports and encourages creativity, fairness, and inclusion.




4 E. Stow Suite #1
New Jersey, USA.

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