Rehrig Pacific Co

Plastic Industry | Texas, USA


For over 100 years, Rehrig Pacific
has believed the key to success lies in making products that give our
customers a real advantage. In 1913, a young carpenter named Will Rehrig
saw new possibilities emerging as the Second Industrial Revolution was
in full swing. Merging woodworking skills with a knack for designing
machinery, Will built a business supplying customers with manufactured
wood containers.
Over the next few decades, Rehrig Box & Manufacturing Co. grew to
be a well-regarded supplier to the milk industry. The Great Depression
and WWII slowed the progress of the business, but it was ably managed by
Bud Rehrig, a second generation Rehrig. Under his guidance, the company
flourished along the West Coast. Proving our staying power, we became
the sole manufacturer of milk crates in California, when in 1929 there
had been nine.


Plastic Industry


625 W Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX
Texas, USA.