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Syntec mission.
Our people.
Our people is the core value of our organisation. We believe that in order to achieve the best result from our people, we need to encourage an open and high performance culture where our people can learn, share, trust and respect each other.
Our customers.
Syntec is committed to help our customers to be successful by trying to understand their needs and their expectations. .

Our workplace.
Syntec is committed to create an injury free and ethical working environment for our people, our partners and our society. .

Our business.
Syntec is a young organisation but that does not stop us from learning and improving. Syntec pays a lot of attention to the quality of our work as well as finding new ideas and procedures to deliver the best solutions to our customers.
Syntec strategies.
For the next few years, syntec will continue to focus on our core competencies in order to stay competitive and efficient. Our aim is to work towards a more sustainable future for all our stakeholders while making sure that the value of our shareholders is maximised.

Great people.
To remain successful we need to offer a place to work with dedicated colleagues in an open and high-performance culture with sound values. A company that fosters collaboration and development, an organization where every employee has a strong passion to deliver results and contribute to profit with purpose.
Market making.
We will strive to engage in a structured and enhanced long-term collaboration with our customers, as well as our suppliers and subcontractors. A collaboration based on a close dialog, common vision and trust. .

Operational excellence.
Continuous improvement is required if we are to strengthen our results and operations efficiency. This is true in all parts of the process - from risk assessment and tendering to planning and execution. Increased digitalization and automation as well as a careful review of resource consumption are important aspects of reducing implementation costs. (efficiency) .

Investment and opportunities outside of thailand.
We will fail if we don't adapt / change our business model.


Construction Industry


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