C2H - Only Citizens - Sr Product Experience Manager (HumanCentered Design Processes, Product Design) - Raleigh

Company: Tanson Corp
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Location: Raleigh, USA
ROLE: Senior Product Experience Manager

PROJECT: We are part of the Fusion team, an internal accelerator for the enterprise. Our standard work model operates on 6-12 week engagements with internal clients on a wide range of initiatives including leadership and product strategy, alignment, and often product experience.

TOP REQUIREMENTS: UX and UI design are the core skills we'll need understanding how to craft an experience (considering user need, psychology, familiarity, business requirements, etc.) and how to package it in a usable interface. They also need to understand product design and how our work will inform and enable bringing a successful product to market.

*** What experience will set candidates apart from one another?
Someone who has distilled complex systems into usable experiences that feel simple and intuitive to the user.

TEAM MAKEUP: Once this hire is brought up to speed on how our team operates (2-4 weeks), they will transition to managing a small team of product designers and leading client engagements. This role will be expected to provide thought leadership and strategic guidance for the engagements they manage, coordinate cadence and methods of collaboration with client teams, and will likely need to assist in delivery of tangible assets, as needed.

Healthcare is complex and it would be preferable for candidates to have familiarity with the system of healthcare. It's a nice-to-have.
More importantly, candidates need to operate from an empathetic perspective and have experience translating user needs into experiences that support users achieving their desired outcomes. Pretty UI design is great and helps build trust, but if the flow or path is not thought out with systemic considerations then it will run into trouble.
We prefer candidates who have worked on scrum teams and understand how their role feeds into and informs the delivery pipeline. An understanding of experience dependencies on the tech stack will be beneficial.
We don't always have direct access to users of the products we're designing/building, so we'll need people with a research-minded approach, but who aren't frozen if they don't have preferable levels of user contact.
We design everything from desktop to native mobile experiences, so understanding of those patterns and environments is important, experience in delivering it is better.
Many of our clients benefit from high-definition prototypes to support product definition and delivery. Experience building those out is highly preferable.

a. How many rounds? 2; Introduction and vetting; Deeper dive into how they think and work
b. Video vs. phone? Video, unless they are in the Raleigh, NC area and prefer in-person
c. How technical will the interviews be? For the first interview, we will ask their opinions and ideas for solving certain problems, while getting a feel for team dynamics and work style. The second interview will be more hands-on where we will ask them to work through a couple of problems and present their work.

Are you open to candidates that would need to be 100% remote for the duration of the engagement?
I'm open to this, but the intent is to make sure our team and the candidate are a good fit for each other over the course of the contract and then hire them if it works out. Our work is very collaborative and, while it is possible to work remotely for many or most functions, sometimes it's more productive to be
in-person. Additionally, client work sometimes requires us to travel. If someone is absolutely against any sort of travel, it would be good to know.

***We are not able to offer sponsorship, so candidates need to be citizens.

Product Experience and Design (PXD) requires a unique blend of real-world experience and theory, entrepreneurial zeal, and elite production and execution.

Working in PXD on Fusion means you'll be part of a team of highly skilled individuals who tackle all aspects of the design process from user research to physical prototyping to telling the project story to the client. You will also work as a member of a larger multi-disciplinary product team to create and deliver market leading offerings for clients across the continuum of healthcare.

As a practitioner of Product Experience & Design, you will be helping people live healthier lives when you bring your expertise, passion, energy, focus and all-in approach to work every day. This is the place where you can do your life's best work.

Primary Responsibilities
Create new consumer experiences focused on patients, providers, payers, and others across the healthcare ecosystem.
Design new approaches that enhance and extend consumer experiences.
Gather consumer and end-user requirements through in-person interviews and secondary research.
Help clients empathize with users by creating deliverables that tell a compelling story.
Serve as a subject matter contributor in the area of product design, user experience, and user interface and interaction design.
Use data, including key performance indicators, market research, and testing methods, to identify ways to conceptualize and advance the user experience
Create functional prototypes and designs of different levels of fidelity to help teams determine the design direction for delivery.
Work alongside and collaboratively with development teams to understand constraints and identify opportunities to modernize our approach to delivery.
Be a mentor to junior designers by reviewing work performed and providing constructive feedback and support.

7-9+ years of product design and/or user experience and design
7-9+ years of experience in Human Centered Design processes
Bachelor's degree in Design with a concentration in communication, customer experience, or user experience
A portfolio of work that demonstrates your level of skill for the following: mobile application, responsive web, scalable platform, and consumer-facing portal designs.

Specific Skills Required:
Defining Value Propositions
Ethnographic Research and Synthesis
Persona Development
Journey Mapping
Interface Design
Rapid Prototyping
Front-end Development
A variety of graphic design and interactive tools including
o Photoshop
o InDesign
o Illustrator
o Sketch
o InVision, Axure RP, or a similar prototyping tool
o PowerPoint

Extensive Experience:
Comfort with clients, working as a collaborator and advisor, and the ability to confidently and credibly share your point of view and expertise.
Working in an ambiguous and dynamic environment and comfort collaborating with multidisciplinary design teams in a non-hierarchical organization.
The ability to synthesize multiple, and sometimes conflicting inputs (data, qualitative feedback, hypothesis, etc.) into a common point of view.
The ability to be coached, be adaptable and be collaborative
Exceptional communication and storytelling skills
Employment type: C2H

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: 7 years

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