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Location: Atlanta, USA
Job Title: Chemist III

Job Location: Atlanta, Georgia, 30313

Duration: 12 Month(s)

Description: Title: Beverage Forensics
Location: AOC
Length of assignment: 1 year

Key skills: Masters degree in Food Science with some microscopy experience (1-4 yrs exp.)

Performs complex chemical analysis on raw ingredients, intermediates, beverage parts, final products, auxiliary materials, and water. * Maintain laboratory equipment and instrumentation (e.g., troubleshooting, conducting preventative maintenance, calibrating and repairing). * Conduct inspection of the laboratory or laboratory procedures to ensure conformance to internal (e.g., The ABC Quality System) or external certification requirements and correct or eliminate process-related non-conformance items. * Dispose of expired retained samples and chemicals according to schedules and expiration dates in order to keep lab area clean and safe. * Develop or validate laboratory test methods or equipment (sampling, monitoring, analytical procedures) in order to ensure reliability and accuracy of analytical results. This may include performing capability studies. * Perform data audit in order to ensure accuracy of data and analytical processes. This may include database
queries, statistical process control or correlation study. * At least 5 years of related work experience* Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience * Advanced Analytical Chemistry: Expert ability to integrate analytical chemistry techniques (e.g., GC, GC/MS and MS) and to apply the most appropriate techniques to a broad range of problems. * General knowledge of the organic chemistry of essential oils and other flavor compounds that are relevant to Company products. * Knowledge of data in the Formula Management System, including reasonable value ranges and calculations origin, and the ability to recognize inconsistencies. Includes the ability to enter a formula or other information into the system and to generate reports. * General knowledge of the composition, structure and properties of inorganic substances needed to understand inorganic ingredients (e.g., acidulants, oxygen, water, buffers) used in Company products and in research on stability of ingredients.

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: No experience

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