Cloud Security Engineer - San Francisco

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Location: San Francisco, USA
Cloud Security Engineer
Contract Type:- W2
Duration:- 12 Months
Location :- SFO (Remote)
Job Description:-

As a member of the Cloud Security team, you will collaborate with other security and operations teams to execute on strategic plans and develop tactical execution methodologies that enable the deployment of secure products to Splunk Cloud.

The ideal candidate is passionate about security and has a deep knowledge of containers and Kubernetes. Real-world production Kubernetes experience is a must-have for this job. We are looking for something who has broad experience across a range of technical specialties and may have had past jobs such as Information Security (Hardening, Detection/Response, Blue Team, etc) and systems (SRE, System Administration, Network Engineer, etc).

Cloud Security Engineers work with our partner teams to identify and develop security techniques and tactics to support a wide range of technologies and services in Splunk Cloud. This role involves not only developing these solutions but also working with our internal customers and partners to improve their projects by providing mentorship on how to resolve sophisticated technical issues and challenges.


This role is responsible for hardening and securing Splunk Cloud's global Kubernetes environments. The role is also responsible for planning, design, testing, deployment and implementation of security tooling to support production Kubernetes infrastructure in support of Splunk Cloud's business needs. This role will provide security engineering support in the following areas:

Design and build the security components of Kubernetes in multiple environments (on-prem, AWS EKS, GCP GKE).

Build, deploy, and maintain security automation for cloud environments.

Work closely with Cloud infrastructure and product teams

who are moving to Kubernetes, and ensure that they have secure-by-default systems.

Handle network security, certificate management, pod security policies, role based access management, secure service mesh, OPA and other efforts.

Triage and drive remediation of security vulnerabilities in Splunk's Kubernetes environments by working across teams.

Coordinate with product engineers to support their security needs.

Act as a security advocate across the organization


5 or more years of systems experience, including SRE, systems administration, network engineering, or cloud automation.

3 years of security experience with protecting cloud, infrastructure, network, containers/workloads, or blue/red/purple team.

Demonstrated skills in modern programming and scripting languages (Python, Go, JavaScript) and experience with Infrastructure-as-Code frameworks (Terraform, CloudFormation)

Experience working with DevOps, CICD, GitOps, Agile methodologies. Experience with CI/CD pipelines and automation and how to apply it with services such as Gitlab CI, Jenkins, CodePipeline, or Circle CI.

Demonstrated ability to accurately assess problems and requests from multiple perspectives, analyze approach feasibility, and decide on the efficient course of action.

A proven understanding of Kubernetes multi-tenant deployments at scale. This includes security, hardening, policies, and deployment in infrastructures such as Amazon EKS or Google Cloud Platform GKE.

Strong ability to communicate data, facts, and analysis of technical subject matter.

Open to US remote but must work on US soil.

Employment type: W-2, 1099, W2

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: 8 years

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