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Location: Fremont, USA
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LINQM is looking for an onsite Resource for a year long contract opportunity. The role is a Controls Engineer for our facilities in the California Bay Area. You will work on building factory of the future by overseeing the design of cutting-edge large-scale equipment and utility systems in support of highly innovating manufacturing processes. The ideal candidate takes pride in his/her hands-on work, analytical ability, organizational skills and attention to detail.  He appreciates an environment where innovative and high-quality work is encouraged, noticed and rewarded and where individuals carry tremendous responsibility.  He looks forward to learning an incredible amount on the job. He is an excellent cross-team communicator, with a knack for understanding, process, mechanical, and electrical systems as well as complex controls.Responsibilities:
Create automation and standardization procedures for HVAC, Boiler, Chiller, Process Water, and other Utilities
You will own, operate, and maintain facilities control systems from the field devices through the control and monitoring equipment
Be able to develop and design control panels, improvements, and upgrades to systems for enhanced system functionality and reliability
Interface with engineering system owners, as clients, to improve control of their systems or solve control issues
Assist multi discipline engineering team in creating meaningful alarms and support continuous alarm rationalization
Development of scalable server architectures for plant wide high reliability SCADA systems, Database Architecture, Server Architecture, Folder Structure, User interface / user experience (UI/UX)
Specification of high-performance design standards for HMI screen development
Generate aesthetically simple HMI screens for complex machinery while providing sufficient feedback for troubleshooting.
Architect tools for automation of development and deployment of SCADA systems
Work closely with PLC development to optimize data exchange and general system usability.
Understanding and familiarity with control and operation of many of the following systems: Electrical Metering, Thermal Oxidizers, Air Scrubbers, Dust Collectors, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Pumps, Air Handling Units, Terminal Units, Fans / Blowers, Pumps, DOAS Units, Control Valves and Instrumentation, Hazardous Exhaust, Dehumidification Units, Heat Recovery Systems, Air Compressors/Dryers, Energy Savings Equipment, Electrical equipment, MV & LV Electrical distribution, Hazardous chemical & waste
Support a team to develop high efficiency alarm rationalization techniques
Manage contractors to optimally execute scopes of work
Participate in continuous improvement activities with key stakeholders and engineering groups
Participate in the execution of start-up and commissioning activities
BS/MS in Electrical/Chemical/Mechanical Engineering or related Engineering
3-5 years of experience as a hands-on Controls Engineer or Applications Engineer working on automation and/or electromechanical systems.
Advanced PLC programming in the IEC 61131-3 standards using Siemens TIA Portal, ALC WebCtrl
Experience in design, operation, and maintenance of industrial control systems
Advanced comprehension of logic diagrams in the International Automation format for complex logic devices such as PLC and DCS
Familiarity with High Performance HMI best practices a plus
Advanced proficiency in programming industrial process and manufacturing equipment:
Human Machine Interface (HMI / GUI - Ignition, Siemens Comfort Panel, AB Panelview, FactoryTalk, LabView), PLCs (Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE, Koyo), ALC WebCtrl
Configuration of controls networks including, Field bus Networks (ProfiNet, , DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Safety rated field bus networks), Serial communication  (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, ProfiBus, BacNet) between PLCs and instruments and microcontrollers
Ethernet communications between machine PLCs and database systems
Experience transitioning products and processes from concept to production desired
Advanced proficiency in database systems (MSSQL, MySQL, Access) is a plus
Ability to program state machines, data acquisition, and PID control is a plus
Proficiency selecting appropriate circuit protectors, wire and cable, sensors, safety hardware, PLC hardware, remote I/O, VFD and instrumentation is a plus
Proficiency creating detailed process, electrical, pneumatic and fluid schematics in CAD (AutoCAD). Ability to use 3D CAD packages such as with Revit is a plus.
Proficiency programming and tuning variable frequency drives is a plus
Exposure to a wide variety of production machinery, industrial sensors, and equipment (Level, temperature and pressure transducers, current and power meters, etc) is a plus

Employment type: Permanent Job

Minimal experience: No experience

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