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Location: 600 5th Street, NW Washington, DC 20001

Duration : FTE


Note: For the DBA Lead, I believe we need someone who has demonstrated leadership of a team of DBA's that manage a blend of Oracle and SQL Server RDBMS. Additionally, the lead should have practical and recent experience in database admin functions as well as DDL and DML. I would like the person to be a working part of the team – primarily as a mentor for others who will do the majority of the work. Let me know if you have run across anyone yet who can fill that spot. I have mentioned some of his primary responsibilities


Administer and manage production database user accounts. Stop and start database services as part of routine or emergency shutdown and restart. In the event of a Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario, this will entail starting the databases in the DR site using the applicable procedures. Monitor performance of database servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager and other tools as appropriate. Perform patching of database software (ORACLE) *ORA Platinum Sup
is R. - Vendor and WMATA has preparation tasks to support patching Perform patching of database software (Others). Perform tuning of databases to maintain performance levels. Perform database capacity utilization analysis and request additional disk space from WMATA IT Office of Infrastructure & Operations (ITIO). Perform monthly database maintenance activities. Perform annual data purging activities as defined by data retention policies. Implement database management initiatives related to performance improvement, security, and other database performance factors. Given that database availability and performance are constrained by server and network availability and performance, the Offeror shall establish KPIs and metrics for establishing thresholds and for monitoring network availability. Prepare and/or update as-is and to-be data models, data dictionaries, and data staging plans.

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Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: Unspecified

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