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Align="justify" >gao leads the embedded communications software market because of its comprehensive technologies, unparalleled support of a wide range of platforms and languages, broad technical expertise, world class customers, and excellent technical support and state-of-the-art testing facilities. comprehensive technologiesgao provides the most comprehensive offerings in the technologies of modem, fax, speech, and telephony in the world market place. Wide range of platforms & languages supportedgao software runs on a variety of microprocessors such as arm, st and pentium and dsps such as those from ti and adi. Broad expertiseexperience with sophisticated communications software for modem, fax, speech, and telephony can only be developed over years of working with different forms of such technologies. In addition to developing and supporting modem, fax, telephony, and speech software for most popular dsps and microprocessors, gao's engineers have ported its software to many other proprietary processors. world class customergao's customers include the world's leading electronics, communications and semiconductor companies from almost all of the developed countries including australia, canada, france, germany, japan, korea, the u. K. , singapore, switzerland and the u. S. These companies license gao's software and embed it in their electronics products to add communication functionality. A list of customers can be provided on a confidential basis to respect the privacy of gao's customers. excellent supportgao is renown for its engineering expertise and excellent support services. A large and experienced staff of dsp and communications engineers provide prompt and high-quality support using the latest communication tools. Support is often provided on site. rigourous and stringent testinggao's testing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment and manned by experienced professionals. All modem and fax software is rigorously tested on tas, abacus 5000fax lab and telegra devices according to relevant itu standards under various channel models. All speech software has passed the test vectors specified by the itu. quality controlgao's products adhere to stringent quality control. Quality in gao's software is reflected in the well-structured code, detailed design documentation, rigorous testing and well-managed version control. Each project follows a well-defined design and test plan. The implementation of the plan ensures that gao's software for the project is easily integrated into the customer's system, is easily maintainable and offers an upgrade path to the next generation product of the customer. strong partnerships with leading processor vendorsgao has established partnerships with leading dsp and microprocessor manufacturers (texas instruments, analog devices, st, intel, philips, infineon, idt, etc) who participate in joint development and marketing efforts. Gao continues to expand its line of communications software products and strengthen its partnerships with leading processor vendors.




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