Finance And Administration Manager - New York

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Location: New York, USA
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A Bachelors degree in Accounting/Financial Management or equivalent
4 years experience in Accountancy/Financial Management and experience of working on Financial Systems
Solid understanding of policies in line with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements for America as well relevant legislation for South Africa namely PFMA, Treasury regulations and frameworks on performance information and strategic plans.
- Relevant legislation and regulatory requirements for America where the Americas Hub is operated from as well relevant legislation for South Africa, and
- Language proficiency: English
Co- Ordinate the management of the annual budget and supply chain process
- Ensure that annual, quarterly, monthly budgets are compiled, submitted and managed according to Finance (Head Office) guidelines and procedures
- Coordinate and ensure that budgets are revised according to Finance (Head Office) guidelines
- Submit daily, monthly and quarterly budget reports to Hub Head and Head Office by deadline
- Ensure that the Americas Hub staff follow clients supply chain management policy in executing the budget
- Ensure diligence in SCM and Finance reporting as per internal policies and National Treasury requirements
- Report all SCM deviations to SCM Business Partner for consolidation and submission
- Manage bank account access (including internet access) and sign cheques when relevant
- Ensure the Americas Office is compliant with all relevant statutory requirements in New York, for e. G. Tax authority filing and other requisite compliance matters
- Maintain a record of all financial transactions with supporting documentation for internal and external audit purposes
- Ensure compliance to country hand books and adhere to all statutory country laws
- Manage the accounting system which includes capturing transactions in line with applicable accounting standard
- Processing salaries, staff expense claims and third party pay submissions and payments
- Tax submissions done within guidelines and deadlines set, where applicable.
- Prepare monthly financial reconciliations for all Balance Sheet accounts including accounts payable and accounts receivable.
Manage Office Expenditure
- Ensure that all procurement for the Americas Hub follows clients supply chain management policy
- Ensure that payments to vendors, outsourcers, business partners, etc. Are processed 100% accurately and within contractual and regulatory deadlines
- Ensure that staff salaries are paid 100% correctly, on time and the relevant documentation is processed sent to Payroll in Head Office
- Report reasons for variances on monthly, quarterly and annual budget.
- Process staff expense claims in line with relevant policies
- Manage and reconcile petty cash
Supply chain,
asset and contract management
- Ensure that all subscriptions held by the Americas Hub Office is managed
- Ensure that all purchase orders are raised in compliance with the Supply Chain Management policy and report instances of non- Compliance
- Ensure that all demand requirements i. E. Rocurement plan, demand plan, operational cost and benchmark analysis, etc. And prepared and delivered as per business processes
- Ensure that all assets are procured in compliance with the Supply Chain Management policy
- Prepare an annual asset inventory report and submit to Head Americas Hub and Finance Execution Support Manager in Head Office
- Conduct an asset count twice each financial year
- Ensure that all Office assets are in good working condition and manage the maintenance where relevant
- Ensure that the accounting for all assets, including leased assets, is conducted in compliance with applicable accounting standards and SA Tourism capital expenditure policy
- Ensure that stock control list of all marketing collateral is updated monthly
- Record and file the schedule for distribution of marketing collateral
Human Capital Administration
- Work closely with the Human Capital Regional Business Partner in Head Office to co- Ordinate and facilitate the recruitment of new employees for the Americas Hub
- Ensure all employee contracts are signed, exchanged and filed
- Manage Americas Hub staff salary payments, leave applications, ordering of tickets, accommodation, restaurant, mutual payments, performance bonus payments, workers compensation insurance, other employee insurance, etc.
- Co- Ordinate staff exits in compliance with American labour law and clients policies
- Co- Ordinate the training of all staff working with the Human Capital Regional Business Partner in Head Office
- Co- Ordinate the reporting of IT- Related problems with the relevant service provider to ensure that the is fully operational
- Co- Ordinate with the Business Information Systems department in Head Office on the ICT needs of the Americas Hub and the implementation of SA Tourism technology solutions in the Office
- Ensure that the operation, security and maintenance of the Office facilities meet the needs of the Americas Hub and its employees
- Ensure that the Office facilities meet the American statutory requirements including environmental, health and safety standards

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 1

Minimal experience: Unspecified
Gender: Indistinct

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