Hotel Operations Manager (Cruise) - United States, Florida - Panama City Beach

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This position is created to evaluate assigned US based vessels and MSC?s private destination, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and work closely with VP Operations to enhance guest and crew experience in line with the company procedures and yearly product committee results. This position requires frequent travelling onboard US based vessels and private destination Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in addition be able to go to the US office for meetings, based in Miami.
Conducts scheduled audits of assigned ships and private destination in agreement with VP Operations for services, products, public health (USPH standards), maintenance, and crew welfare and coordinate action plans accordingly.
Performs semi- Annual Brand Performance audits using company provided audit program and provides recommendations/suggestions for improving the audit topics and questions, if necessary.
Advises and supports the operation of full turn- Around in home ports as well as challenging ports by coordinating between the ship, terminal and ground operations.
Reviews the implementation of new procedures across all departments and provides recommendations to the VP Operations and Product Development Department in Geneva about obsolete or out of date procedures.
Delivers training sessions to the onboard teams when required.
Creates in cooperation with the VP Operations and Product Development Department in Geneva new procedures in a wide range of topics that will benefit shipboard & island Hotel, Public Health & Revenue operations.
Works closely with the F&B department USA to improve the quality of services, menus and beverages on- Oard and assists in the implementation of new procedures where required.
Works closely with the Entertainment Operations Manager USA to improve the quality of onboard and island entertainment program and assists in the implementation of new procedures where required.
Works closely with the Shore Excursions team USA to audit and review the tour excursion offerings in the various ports of call and make recommendation, if needed, on how to improve the overall tour program
Assists ships to plan and coordinate for full charters, large groups as required by the events department and VP Operations
Assists in the hand- Over of the operations between the Hotel Directors and island General Managers if necessary
Supports, investigates and inspects when needed the reporting and inventory compliance issues especially the discarding of obsolete items and provide recommendations as appropriate.
Ensures that the management of hotel costs are in line with the allocated budget and support the ship and island to align their expenses to this budget.
Reviews onboard/island revenue operations and critically analyses revenue streams and provides input and feedback that will boost revenues.
Manages specific projects as delegated and required by the VP Operations and Product Department in Geneva.

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 5

Minimal experience: Unspecified
Gender: Indistinct

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