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Location: Irving, USA
Title: IAM Application Support Engineer
Duration: 1 Year +
Location: Irving, Texas Job Description
The candidate for the Identity Access Management / Identity Fraud Gateway Application Support Engineer position will be responsible for responding to technical problems, environment issues, single user customer complaints, call center escalations, test and production bugs providing technical support regarding a spectrum of application software and vendor middleware with an emphasis on the programming end of the platform providing IT technical research, analysis, and customer resolution including IAM Administrative support tool development creating and enhancing support tools and providing minor application bug fixes and database scrubs.

The Application Support Engineer is responsible for using ones complex problem solving skills acting as the first line of defense in finding the root cause of an customer, environment and application malfunction to identify and resolve environment, customer and performance issues, brainstorm software solutions, and then implement minor bug fixes or work with senior application development and infrastructure DevOps engineers to ensure delivery of larger complex changes. The position will also use this analysis to build support tools to automate future research enhancing the Administrative support tools used by the second line support team. This position will be tasked with supporting applications designed on highly scalable systems using core Java technologies as well as Open-Source technologies including Akka, Kafka, Redis and other NoSQL DBs, requiring ability to develop using both Scala and Java languages. The solutions will be deployed and maintained using Docker Images across AWS clusters, as well as on-prem and AWS EC2 deployments.

The ideal candidate has strong and evident problem solving skills with an emphasis on strong technical troubleshooting skills with application software, middleware and environments, has great organizational skills with a keen attention to detail with prior application development experience with Java or Scala working in an Agile environment and CICD pipelines. Candidates should be aware of microservices and distributed systems and data structures.

Must Have Skills:
A minimum of 4+ years technical experience with Java J2EE technologies;
Experience with SQL databases such as Microsoft, or Oracle;
Experience with NoSQL Databases such as Apache Cassandra, Amazon Elasticache, Redis, Splunk, or Elasticsearch;
Basic knowledge of network configuration;
Working knowledge of IT hardware including Unix, Linux, Tomcat and AWS environments including AWS Dockers and Kubernetes;
Complex problem solving aptitude;
Working knowledge of front-end technologies - HTML/CSS/JS
Basic knowledge of at least one of the front-end frameworks - VueJS, ReactJS, Angular
Strong ability to diagnose and address environment and application issues;
Agile DevOps experience using CI/CD methodology (Continuous Integration / Continuous Development) using Jira project tracking, Jenkins build and automation and Git;
Knowledge of application secure coding standards including OWASP best practices;
Knowledge of CI/CD process in particular - GIT (Bitbucket), Jenkins, Jira, Confluence;
DevOps lifecycle experience utilizing GITHub and JIRA tools;

Desired Skills:
Experience dealing with support cases or requests via email, telephone and in person;
Experience with requirement gathering and specification planning;
Knowledge of application design and development using Java, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, JMS, Spring Framework, JSF, Portlets, JDBC, Hibernate, Log4J, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Maven and
Enterprise integration patterns like Spring Integration;
Knowledge of distributed systems like Akka and Scala;
Domain knowledge of Identity and Access Management platforms (Oracle OpenSSO, ForgeRock OpenAM, ForgeRock OpenIG)
Experience with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) with Ping or equivalent;
Aware of functional programing paradigm;
Experience working with Pub/Sub messaging systems such as Apache Kafka or Amazon Kinesis;
Experienced in Unit testing, load test and automation tools like JUnit, NUnit, Gatling, Selenium, Watir, Sitespeed;

Minor administrative support portal design, develop and test frontend, business objects and backend REST APIs to modify existing architecture and make necessary changes providing tools and automation for production investigation and root-cause analysis;
Minfor bugfix design, develop and test Akka microservices to modify existing architecture and make necessary changes to the system interfaces utilizing Verizons DevOps source and object code libraries and configuration management procedures;
Support QA and production bug reports and customer escalations, research, troubleshoot and debug application/software issues raised by end users;
Manage single issue cases, customer, center and application bug reports using online tools, SQL and NoSQL data analysis, and application process;
Manage test and production client systems to ensure theyre fully operational and any loss of service is restored in a timely and efficient manner;
Problem determination, providing workaround resolution, root cause analysis, and major and minor incident management and status reporting;
Supervise all alerts related to application and system procedures and provide services proactively;
Ensure solution and application support documentation is maintained to the highest quality and
accuracy, including production automated monitoring scripts and alarms;
Coordinate with QA and production testing departments on testing, monitoring and environment stability;
Performing debugging procedures;
Minor bugfix design, develop and test Java middleware and backend application and business object bug fixes including REST APIs to modify existing architecture and make necessary changes to the system interfaces utilizing Verizons DevOps source and object code libraries and configuration management procedures;
Minor bugfix design, develop and test Akka microservices to modify existing architecture and make necessary changes to the system interfaces utilizing Verizons DevOps source and object code libraries and configuration management procedures;
Conform to existing industry and Verizon security coding standards adhering to fortify scan and other security tool review requirements;
Provide code reviews with peers, and documentation in support thereof, for code inspection reviews as part of the DevOps software packaging and deployment lifecycle;
Perform unit and integration testing for all components of application code;
Prepare and provide an installation kit to deliver and deploy the code to QA, Pre-Production and Production environments according to Verizon DevOps standards;
Provide status reports on weekly basis indicating progress against project milestones and schedules;
Support Verizon DevOps software test life cycle, research bug reports and find and deliver software solutions and test environment bug releases;

BS in computer science or a related field
Employment type: C2C, W-2, 1099

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: 5 years

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