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Company: Classboxes Technologies
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Location: Piscatsway, USA
Allows working from home: Yes
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1 years of experience
Excellent problem- Olving skills
Excellent C/C++/PHP/JAVA/Python/Mean Programming skills
Experience in working with REST APIs, OAuth etc.
Good Knowledge of MySQL or SQL Server
Well versed with cross browser development fundamentals
Should be a team player and positive attitude
Good logical and problem solving skills
Clear object oriented concepts & must be able to write the programs
Architect, Design, Develop and Deploy the infrastructure
Architect and build highly scalable databases able to ingest a real- Time stream of gigabytes of data per

day and capable of querying over billions of data points across several dimensions in a performant manner
Build monitoring tools and make sure there are no downtime
Design and implement disaster recovery strategies

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: USD 60,000.00 - 80,000.00 Yearly
Positions available: 23

Minimal experience: 1 year
Languages: Inglés Avanzado
Gender: Indistinct

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