Remote US Based Sale Development Representative (Contractor) - Beaverton

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Job Requirements:
At least two years in direct sales, inbound and outbound, B2B
English as mother tongue - American English preferred
Work in US time zones
Work independently from home
Strong analytical and problem- Solving skills
Ability to work under stress and pressure
Reliable, organize, highly motivated and confident
Bachelor/College Degree of any Business Course or any related field
Cold Calling to leads
Developing relations with prospects
Communicate with clients via email, chat and phone
Make multiple phone calls a day
Working remotely with the American B2B market
Analyze clients needs
Close deals with US clients
Increase client retention by resolving issues
Establish strong positive client relation to build repeated business and promoters contributing quality referrals

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Freelance
Salary: USD 250.00 - 300.00 Weekly
Positions available: 10

Minimal experience: Unspecified
Gender: Indistinct

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Allows working from home: Yes
Employer Email: *********@*******.com (View email)

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