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Job Title: Senior Software Engineer, Platform
Company: Confidential
Country: USA
Publication Date: 17/07/2017
ID: 107555427

CarGurus' Platform/Infrastructure team is hiring a Senior Software Engineer, Platform. The Platform plays a key role forCarGurus tooperate at scale. We aremodernizingourtechnologyplatformand are looking to define key architectural capabilities, guide development teams on their successful implementation, and ensure the stability, security and scalability of our systems.

What You'll Do:

You will work within our Platformteam to lead the technical strategy, design, implement and enhance the core infrastructure of CarGurus. This infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, search and storage solutions, data pipelines, observability systemsand developertooling.CarGurus site functions range from e-commerce, B2B, Analytics, and Data.

As a Senior Software Engineer, Platform you will:
Work on newand existingprojects such asour data streaming platform, container & micro-services infrastructure, and distributed search systems.
Define our platform roadmap
Deliver features consistently
Work with other teams to roll out platform updates and mentor other engineers
Have a largeimpact in deliveringa high-quality development environment with great quality code and products

Who You Are:
Have 8+ years of engineering experience
BS degree or higher in Computer Science or related field
Experienced with distributed,high performance and loosely coupled systems
Have a deep understandingof distributedmessagingsystems, modern search engines and various data storage and retrieval techniques
Fluent in at least one programming language, preferably on the JVM
Expertise with MySQL or other relational databases
Biased towards using data to arrive at decisions

Our technical environment : Java, JEE, Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL,MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Docker, Jenkins/Maven, Selenium


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Senior Software Engineer, Platform