Sr. IT Infrastructure Engineer - Austin

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Location: Austin, USA

Sr. IT Infrastructure Engineer

USC, GC only

Austin, Texas


Essential Job Duties

Manage infrastructure coordination and design capabilities for all phases from schematic design through construction documents.

Review architectural, mechanical, and structural design and engineering plans and consult on space design, material selection, and multimedia systems.

Develop network component configurations, interfacing with local vendors to ensure systems are installed and configured as per the client approved design.

Oversee the design of the layout of floor plans, riser diagrams, schedules, specification notes, and details with particular emphasis on structured cabling.

Participate in site surveys to develop client requirements

Work within a team environment to ensure client standards are met and that all technology systems are incorporated into the overall system design

Coordinate with vendors, contractors, clients and other interdepartmental personnel.

Serve as a technical resource for others throughout the firm, providing thought leadership and subject matter expertise

Background required:

Experience as an SME

for IT infrastructure projects, including server deployments, network and telecommunication infrastructure implementations, equipment upgrades, software upgrades, performance analysis, troubleshooting, and remediation

Must be able to work around projects, deadlines, and operational needs with readiness to put in extra efforts when necessary

Must be able to work independently and lead the coordination with external technical consultants

Must possess problem-solving skills and the ability to multi-task

Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills


Yrs Skills/Experience

5 Infrastructure SME for facilities and construction projects

8 Thorough knowledge of telecommunications cabling and infrastructure design and implementation

8 High-Level design capabilities in numerous technologies (LAN/WAN/SAN, InfoSec, Wireless)


Yrs Skills/Experience

Bachelor's Degree

2 Public sector experience (Federal, State, or Local Government)
Employment type: C2C

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: 10 years

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