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Location: Columbus, USA

Complete Description:

The Software Developers will work closely with the Project Manager and Business Analyst to determine a viable solution for transitioning taxation applications from the Mainframe to a suitable platform. The developers will be required to understand the business and technical requirements of the various mainframe applications as they are determined by the PM and BA. In turn, these requirements can be shared with the ISD technical staff to ensure that the 'new' platform can build to suit the business/technical needs.

Initially, the JAVA programmers will participate in the following phases of the project:

Identification and Planning- this is the phase to determine the impact of the various applications and will be paramount to the overall strategy. The BA will be responsible for meeting and documenting business needs and requests in relation to this project. The JAVA developers will be positioned to translate such into technical requirements.

Eventually, the JAVA developers may participate in any/all of the migration phases.

Examples include:

Rewrite Some legacy applications will not be portable to the new development platform. These must be re-written by the team. The JAVA developers will drive the development phase for each of the "rewrites".

Integrate w/ New PIT Some legacy applications can be migrated to the new development platform. Although the "lift and shift" effort may be simple in some cases, the integration points must be considered. These "migrated" apps will need to be adapted to a new backend system (aka "New PIT") by these JAVA developers.

Remove MF dependency Still other applications are not currently integrated with the legacy PIT system. However,

there are components in place that are hosted by, connected to, or integrated with the mainframe is some way. These components must be migrated off of the mainframe as well.

During the discovery phase of the project the new platform for these legacy applications will be determined and the associated IDE will be established. It is likely that the technologies will be same/similar to the environment for the portfolio of current legacy apps. With this in mind we seek developers with skills in the same areas:

5 years of experience with IDE: RAD 7.5 and above or Eclipse

5 years of Java: JEE 5 and above, Java EE Batch Architecture, Spring Framework, Java EE Design Patterns

5 years of Spring Framework: MVC model and Batch architecture

5 years of Messaging: Asynchronous Messaging, JMS/MQ

5 years of Web Framework: JSF 2.0 Framework

5 years of Persistence: JPA/Java Persistence API 2.0, EJB 3.0

5 years of Web Services: JAX-WS Web Services, XML, JAXB

5 years of Other: XPath, UML, Object Modeling, Batch Scheduler, Performance tuning of Web Services/SQL and Application code.

5 years of experience clarifying systems and programs intent, identify problems, suggest changes, and determine any system changes

Extensive experience with Agile/Scrum based development approaches.

Minimum required education: Bachelor?of?Science?degree?in?Computer?Engineering
Employment type: C2C

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: 5 years

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