System Programming Analyst - Atlanta

Company: Chandra Technologies, Inc.
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Location: Atlanta, USA

Please apply for this position by sending your resume to:

Email : apply AT chandratech DOT com

SUBJECT: Applying for *System Programing Analyst * Atlanta, GA

Hourly Rate: $23 W2; $27 CTC/1099

Job Description:

Under direct supervision, designs, codes, tests, modifies and debugs computer software. Researches and analyzes program or systems problems and develops program documentation. Translates business requirements into development activities in secure and maintainable code.

Supports configuration of all aspects of the GenTax COTS application.


Candidates must be willing to relocate to Georgia for the duration of the contract.


Bachelor's Degree (Accredited College/University) (Computer Science or Management Information systems).

US Citizenship or Green Card status is required Preferred Qualifications.

Knowledge and experience working with software development organizations

Strong analytical skills

Working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)

Experience in Microsoft VB.NET Other Notes.

DOR will conduct a background check on all candidates considered for the position.

Individuals must be compliant with Georgia tax obligations.


having any overdue and unpaid taxes or any felony convictions (no matter how long ago) will not be offered the position or hired. Anyone who is a resident of Georgia for less than one year may be fingerprinted

Required Skills:

Bachelor's degree (computer science or management information systems).(4 Years) Demonstrated resiliency (6 MONTHS) Working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) (1 Year) Strong problem solving skills (6 MONTHS) Experience in any .NET programming language (1 Year)

Preferred Skills:

Experience working in small team environment (6 MONTHS) Experience in Oracle (6 MONTHS) Experience in Microsoft: VB.NET Prog Language (6 MONTHS)

System Programing Analyst GenTax COTS App, SQL, Microsoft VB.Net, .NET Program Language, Oracle

Higher Competitive Rates will be considered for consultants with advanced skill set

Corp to Corp Resumes are welcome

Consultants may need a criminal background check

Minimum required education: Bachelors Degree
Employment type: C2C, Contract W-2, 1099, Contract Independent

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: 4 years

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