Technical Lead -Network Access Point - Plano

Company: Orchestra Technology
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Location: Plano, USA


Knowledge of Telecom network, LTE EPC, HLR, HSS, One NDS/SDL strongly recommended.
Knowledge of working with SOAP/XML, REST API HTTP strongly recommended
Knowledge of and experience testing and debugging JAVA applications.
Knowledge of Apache Tomcat Web Server, Redhat package manager, YUM package manager strongly recommended
Knowledge of Elastic Stack architecture, log analytics and development of visualizations on Kibana is strongly recommended
Knowledge of PostgreSQL/Greenplum and SQL queries recommended.
Experience working in a T1 Telecommunication Production environment in installation and configuration of mission-critical applications is strongly recommended.
Experience related to Billing, Subscriber Data Plan provisioning, Subscriber Profile Management and interaction with 3rd party software solutions is recommended.
Knowledge of a subscriber’s lifecycle in a telecommunication service provider is recommended.
Experience related to administration of subscriber data in customer networks
(e.g based on LDAP database)
Analytic skills of analyzing Wireshark logs from HTTP interfaces and related protocols (LDAP, SOAP, HTTP(S))
Configure, modify and troubleshoot issues with the subscriber profiles in LTE customer networks related to different NEs
Excellent troubleshooting, analysis, and problem-solving skills
Experience with IP networking.
Advanced knowledge of Linux Operating System (RHEL variant) e.g deploying updates, installing and configuring application software, analyzing logs
Experience with Testing tools such as jMeter and SOAPUI is recommended.
Experience in Qemu-KVM virtualization and managing applications hosted on Openstack.

Requirements: Internship
Type of Job: Full Time

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: No experience

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