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Job Description

To manage a safe working environment PepsiCo has elected to screen all incoming personnel to the site by monitoring temperature and observing other symptoms. A non-contact thermometer will be used to screen all employees , contractors , visitors and drivers temperature to ensure compliance to Corporate requirements.
Responsibilities and Duties
Wear required personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by PepsiCo, such as face shield, safety glasses, Tyvek suit, gloves, sanitizers, etc.
Use the non-contact thermometer to read the temperature of individuals arriving on site; utilize sanitizer/wipes to clean the thermometer between uses
Using the personnel roster provided, check off the names of individuals who have arrived and been scanned
Recheck an individual s temperature if the initial reading is higher than the maximum allowable temperature for entry to the site
Record the individual s temperature on the personnel roster only if the temperature
exceeds the maximum allowable; do not record temperatures of individuals who are under the threshold and allowed on site
Instruct individuals to exit the site if the second temperature reading remains higher than allowable
If an individual disputes being denied access to the site, contact PepsiCo EHS or HR to address situation
if site access is denied due to the temperature readings, instruct employees/contractors to call their supervisor for further instruction, or instruct visitors to call their PepsiCo contact to reschedule the visit


High school diploma/GED preferred
Great verbal communication skills
Must be punctual and reliable with attendance
Ability to successfully manage multiple tasks


Must arrive at facility wearing Steel Toe Shoes this is required to enter facility

Work Day: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: No experience

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