Virtual Assistant | Entry Level - Sheridan

Company: Executive Virtual Staffing LLC
Applicants: Applications: 1 | Visits: 30
Your Application: You have not applied yet
Location: Sheridan, USA
Allows working from home: Yes
Employer Email: *********@*******.com (View email)
You must speak and understand fluent English and Spanish
You must have a decent Wi- Fi connection
Laptop or Desktop will be required
Daily administrative tasks, such as organizing files, managing emails, and updating spreadsheets.
Appointment scheduling, which involves coordinating meetings and events, managing calendars, and ensuring availability of participants.
Attending Zoom meetings or other virtual conferences, including preparation, active participation, and taking notes if necessary.
Weekly report preparation, which may include gathering data, analyzing information, and creating comprehensive reports to track progress or communicate updates.
Project management, involving tasks like setting goals, assigning responsibilities, tracking timelines, and ensuring project milestones are met.
Collaboration and communication with team members or colleagues, through various channels like email, chat platforms, or project management tools.
Research and analysis, where you might be required to gather information, conduct market research, analyze data, and present findings.
Document creation and editing, including writing reports, drafting memos, proofreading documents, and maintaining document templates.
Task prioritization and time management, to ensure deadlines are met and work is efficiently organized.
Participation in professional development activities, such as attending training sessions, webinars, or workshops to enhance skills and knowledge.
Remember that work requirements can vary depending on the specific job role, industry, and organization. It's essential to tailor this list to your specific needs and job responsibilities.

Work from home: Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of working from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for commuting and allowing for a better work-Life balance.
Full time or part-time appointment: Choose the work arrangement that suits your lifestyle and personal needs, whether you prefer a full-Time commitment or a part-Time schedule.
Work only Monday to Friday: Experience a consistent workweek that operates within standard business hours, providing weekends and evenings free for personal time and activities.
Yearly production bonus: Receive a bonus based on your annual production, which incentivizes and rewards your hard work, productivity, and contribution to the company's success.
Short course studies paid for by the company: Enhance your professional development and expand your skillset by pursuing short course studies that are fully covered by the company, allowing you to stay up- To- Date with the latest industry trends and advancements.
These benefits offer a range of advantages, including increased flexibility, financial rewards, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: USD 7,200.00 - 11,500.00 Yearly
Positions available: 4

Minimal experience: 1 year
Languages: Spanish Avanzado, English Avanzado
Minimum required education: High School
Age: From 20 to 45 years
Gender: Indistinct

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